We are GutiLab!

A New Innovation Partner.

« Your project worth success »

GutiLab Team Motto

We do not pretend to be able to predict what will happen tomorrow, but we do promise that you’ll be able to act on it. The world is becoming a faster, more transparent and more flexible place. In order to respond to these developments, organisations need to be adaptable, and BPM plays an essential part in this.

What GutiLab Do?

We promote digital culture in companies by innovation and technology. We help our client leverage the BPM technologies by bringing our expertise of the market solutions and our experience in big project design and development.

« By digitizing your business processes, we offer you a simple and effective methods to leverage : Appian low code Plateform Pega Zero code Plateform « .

Collaboration, design, implementation and:

Automation / Optimization

We offer a method approved by our experience and our experts. This will allow you to reduce your time-to-market, improve your ROI and also accompany and facilitate change. We simply help your business to be more present and active in the IS.

Definition: Business Process Management (BPM) is a method to have an overview of the organization’s business processes and their interactions, grouping them in a tool that will allow their optimization and / or automation.

« Break with us the different layers of your company: bring your business closer to the IS through the agile and/or extreme programming applied to your business processes ».

« Make your processes more flexible and be prepared for the unexpected ».

With the help of new technologies, we propose to adapt your processes with a case management vision to make your processes more flexible and adapted to the unexpected of everyday life and your business.

Definition: Case Management is the method of managing the business cases of a company, often materialized by files related to its customers, prospects, products or services that enable the management of these. In general they are related to the business processes of a company and, therefore, to BPM; however, it differs in having a focus on data and the objective of the case rather than following the steps of a process.