"Technology is less important than people or society; what's important is the human project behind it."

Dominique Wolton


Low code, expertise de Gutilab

Low Code programming uses graphical tools and simplified user interfaces to create applications with a minimum of manual coding. But at Gutilab, Low Code expertise goes further. Our AGILE method and optimised coding allow us to focus on what’s important: understanding and analysing our customers’ needs. They can count on a team of experts to listen to them throughout the development process. This concept of support and proximity to the business means we can exploit all the advantages of Low Code to create customised, innovative and effective solutions.

Why choose low code with Gutilab?

The data (Source: Gartner):

« It is 5 times faster to implement in low code. That’s why more than 70% of new applications in 2025 will be created using these technologies. »

Gutilab makes your customers’ relationship with your brand and services more enjoyable. We use innovative technologies such as data analysis, AI and automation to improve the Customer Journey, generate trust and meet regulatory and legal requirements regarding personal data. These technologies help you to better understand your customers’ needs and expectations, personalise your interactions with them and offer a more fluid and innovative multi-channel experience. A coherent, personalised Customer Journey through Gutilab increases the transparency, relevance and speed of your responses and actions: customer satisfaction is your priority and you prove it (differentiating customer service through empathy).

Why do you need a Customer Journey optimised by Gutilab?

The data (Source: Dawkins et Reichheld):

« It is 5 times easier to keep a customer than to get new ones. »



At Gutilab, we know that effective process automation depends first and foremost on our ability to analyse our customer’s situation accurately and methodically. For each company, only an exhaustive analysis of trends, inefficiencies (low added-value tasks) and bottlenecks will enable us to identify the technology or technologies that need to be deployed. To make the company more efficient, it is essential to optimise the articulation of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, human resources management (HRM) systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. In addition, process automation enables better control and monitoring of operations, while complying with current regulations. It’s time to inject new energy into your business processes.

How does Process Automation improve your productivity?

The data (Source: Smartsheet):

« Nearly 60% of workers believe they could save six or more hours a week – almost a full working day – if the repetitive aspects of their job were automated. »

The Employee Journey comprises a set of human resources management programmes and tools, customised by Gutilab for each of its customers, to improve team communication and collaboration. Schedule and planning management, skills and talent management, personal areas with information on pay and benefits, performance review management, training plans, short- and long-term career plans… The applications implemented by Gutilab cover a wide range of needs, depending on the specific dynamics of each team and business sector. Employees can visualise the skills they need to progress in their careers and achieve their professional goals. The Employee Journey enables people to project themselves into the future within their company.

Why your company's future depends on the Employee Journey?

The data (Source: Gartner):

« 90% of social network marketing strategies will incorporate large-scale Employee Advocacy programmes by 2023. »



At Gutilab, we believe that a coherent, eco-friendly and uniform design of the user interface enables companies to transmit not only their messages but also their values more effectively. Similarly, simple and intuitive navigation contributes fully to the subjective perception of the user, whether customer, employee or prospect. Our team applies its own method to each UX Design project. We work in 4 phases: in-depth analysis of the situation, collaborative creation, production and preparation for programming. Our UX Design expertise is characterised by an inclusive and participative way of working: we progress step by step alongside our customers, throughout the entire process. For our team, a UX Design project is above all a positive and inspiring experience for our customers.

Why has UX Design become essential?

The data (Source: Forrester – 2016):

« On average, every dollar invested in UX gives back $100 in return. »

Case Management can have many objectives, but generally aims to improve the efficiency and quality of the attention given to the end customer. Case Management is used to structure and organise complex management based on a large volume of activities, involving a large number of teams and/or stakeholders in a random sequence of actions. Gutilab provides its customers with its technological expertise and experience to develop customised case management platforms. Our priority: to provide a clear overview and create an environment that encourages action and decision-making, for all players, whether customers or users. We adjust our tools so that they always meet the needs and preferences of the customer, as their situation evolves.

Why use Case Management?

The data (Source: Frank J. Wyatt investigation):

« A third of the time of qualified workers is spent on structured tasks that can be automated or have already been automated through traditional investments in information technology. »



Valeurs de gutilab dans sa méthode de travail.

Green IT represents a vital shift in our sector towards a more ecological digital future. All Gutilab’s projects today incorporate the standards we have set ourselves in this area: energy control, server virtualisation, elimination of obsolete systems, process automation. Eco-friendly thinking goes hand in hand with each of our activities, and we guide our customers in this direction. Above all, our team sees Green IT as an opportunity for innovation and economic growth for everyone, not as a constraint. Being more rational means being more efficient. That is our conviction and our commitment.

Why adopt a Green IT approach?

The data (Source: Mc Kinsey):

« Unlike conventional approaches, a sustainable development strategy can significantly reduce operating budgets, by up to 60%. »