« Running a business requires having a purpose and a desire for dedication that even involves emotional commitment. »

Harold Geneen


  • A trusted partner
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  • Customer satisfaction
  • Social and societal


  • For new technologies
  • For innovation


  • Solidarity
  • Employee well-being


“We consider the digital transformation of our society as a fantastic opportunity to improve the daily lives of users, consumers and also businesses. Our belief: low code expertise, when activated in a responsible, tailor-made and innovative approach, is a powerful driver of change.”


Alex & Mohammed

Gutilab, une équipe de spécialistes de la programmation low code.

At the centre of development: people

People are Gutilab’s most valuable asset. In addition to the talent and multidisciplinary skills of our employees, it is the team’s unity around the same project that gives meaning to our work. Our culture of success is above all built on our shared commitment and professional ethics. We are moving forward together and in the same direction.

Eco-responsibility at GUTILAB

Our taste for innovation and our working method form a systematic part of our eco-conscious approach. As professionals in the IT sector, respecting and constantly raising our own standards in terms of respect for the environment is one of our main commitments. We also observe many technical and strategic advantages in our research which allow us to encourage our customers to follow us on this path.


all our solutions comply with the latest (and updated) standards, leading to better results requiring fewer resources. More broadly, we are able to reduce the impact of a product throughout its life cycle, from its design to its obsolescence.

“GREEN” server

our entire IT structure is hosted by service providers using 100% renewable energy.

Sustainable mobility plan

we encourage our employees to decarbonise their travel by covering up to 80% of the purchase value of their bike.

Gutilab, more than a workplace, enhance your lifestyle

We believe that all companies should consider the well-being of their employees as a major focus of their strategy. At Gutilab, we try to make a difference, to help our employees realise their personal and professional projects.

Family conciliation

we encourage our employees to work remotely and adapt their routines to their individual positions, while preserving team dynamics as far as possible.

Company savings plan

GutiLab contributes to the personal development of its employees and facilitates their future life plans.

Cooptation bonus

paid to the employee who initiates an application which results in employment.

Sick child days

Gutilab offers paid days, per sibling, per year.

Reduced working hours

five days of additional paid leave, beyond those provided for by the collective agreement.

Value sharing bonus

paid to employees at the end of the year based on legal provisions and scales as well as our level of activity.

Using our expertise to benefit associations

The entire Gutilab team provides technical support, on a voluntary basis, to two associations working for a cause close to its heart: helping the homeless. The development of applications makes it possible to optimize the organisation of patrols in Paris and to improve the coordination of aid.

The main objective of the application currently being developed for Paroisses en Maraudes is to simplify the organisation for the volunteers responsible for the patrols so that they can focus on what matters: care for people living on the streets.
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The volunteer patrol of the Order of Malta (a charitable institution that’s been around for almost a thousand years!) will be able to identify, using the GPS application developed by Gutilab), “spots” where the homeless are likely to be (bench, hot air vent, bus shelters, car parks, bridges). This will allow patrol groups to continually update their map and save valuable time to help more people.
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